The Montessori Club: a perfect way to inspire your child

Welcome to The Montessori Club — an ideal place to find high quality educational toys, learning tools and other goods for children! Our online store has carefully selected useful products for practical life and cultural development of your baby. If you want to make the process of exploring the world for your child more interesting and effective, you are definitely on the right track!

Beyond doubt, various games should not only develop the children, but also be catching and entertaining for them. While playing, babies and kids train their perseverance; at the same time, games develop their thinking, logic and imagination. Therefore, if there are no Montessori toys in your collection of toys yet, we strongly recommend purchasing them! They proved to be an effective tool of children’s intellectual growth and development.

Educational toys can be helpful even from the earliest age. Take a look at or selection of Montessori infants blocks, rattles, balls, play mats and other brain training toys for babies. Their shapes, materials, and colors  help develop fine motor skills, sensorimotor coordination, spatial orientation and perseverance.

The game improves coordination of movements, activates the development of speech and perfectly trains the eye. Pay enough attention to proper games with useful toys, and later you’ll see that a pen or a pencil in your child’s hand will be more obedient, and the handwriting will be legible. This is why educational games should be an important part of the child’s life, starting from a very young age.

Visiting The Montessori Club is the best way to shop online for sensorial toys, math and literacy products and other items that help your child grow healthy and smart. Besides, here you can find storage trays and baskets to keep your nursery room clean. Our best sellers and new arrivals are waiting for you to bring joy and do a lot of good to your children!


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